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katie bar the door [userpic]
by katie bar the door (katherinemorrow)
at February 8th, 2007 (09:11 am)

If I post to this community, will *anyone* see it?

Because next weekend is Mardi Gras 2007, and I am about to wet my pants with excitement!

If you were wondering...
by bringmeheart (bringmeheart)
at March 6th, 2006 (10:30 pm)

If you all were wondering about that movie I was watching, I still get a kick out of it everytime i watch it. This dog rules:



Jaime [userpic]
by Jaime (sufiazinobia)
at March 6th, 2006 (03:17 pm)

current mood: Moving Out Soon!!!
current song: My mom's voice student downstairs

News Flash: There has been a run on the banks, the beer, and the building supplies in New Orleans.

"What??? A run on the beer??? Quick everybody, get your backpacks, we're heading to Rite Aid!!!!"

Just another fun memory. :o)

Miss y'all.

katie bar the door [userpic]
only 362 days until mardi gras 2007!!
by katie bar the door (katherinemorrow)
at March 3rd, 2006 (05:53 pm)

Hi y'all! I threatened to start an lj community for the five of us, and here I am doing it instead of doing my homework.

I figured this would be a good place to share pictures and nawlins gossip.

Here's the link to Nick's pictures:

I miss y'all so much! Let's all reunite in Nawlins as soon as we can!

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